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More Mysterious Hums

Summer 1984. Aldershot, England. Several occurrences of unidentified, loud humming.

"The 'indescribable' sounds, which lasted about 20 minutes on each occasion, seemed to cut through the atmosphere, filling the air with a loud humming. Witnesses who wrote to the 'News' telling of their experience, were woken up by the mysterious noise which began suddenly and ended just as abruptly. The latest set of sounds were heard last month in the early hours but the same noises have been noted many times before over the past few years."

(Anonymous; "Mystery Noises Baffle Readers," Aldershot (England) The News, July 27, 1984. Cr. L. Farish and T. Good)

Reference. Hums are cataloged in Chapter GSH in our book: Earthquakes, Tides, Anomalous Sounds. To order, visit: here.

Comment. Southern England, particularly the Bristol region, seems to be frequently afflicted with episodes of steady and transitory hums. Despite considerable searching, no sources have been uncovered.

From Science Frontiers #36, NOV-DEC 1984. 1984-2000 William R. Corliss