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Burning mass falls in b.c.

March 11, 1984. Duncan, BC. David Thompson was returning home at 8:30 PM, when he spotted a soccer-ball-size burning mass high over the trees. It landed in the road about 200 feet away, sounding like a light bulb popping. For about 3 seconds, it flamed. When approached, it was still sizzling, probably because the road was wet. The fallen substance quickly hardened, but samples were scraped off the asphalt. It turned out to be an odorless, rock-like substance. Left outside overnight, it had become soft by the next day and seemed to be melting. Samples were sent to Victoria for analysis.

(Hausch, Karen; Cowichan Leader, March 15, 1984. Cr. L. Farish)

Reference. All manner of anomalous falling materials are covered in Chapter GWF in our Catalog: Tornados, Dark Days. For a description of this book, visit: here.

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