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Ancient Egyptians In Hawaii

Most people tend to think of the ancient Egyptians as stay-at-homes who were too busy building pyramids to explore far lands. But many artifacts from the South Pacific and even Hawaii hint that they were otherwise. Some Hawaiian rock carvings include well-known Egyptian motifs and even a few hieroglyphics. The three main sites are: (1) the great boulders at Luahiwa, Lanai; (2) the old landing at Anaehoomalu; and (3) at Kii, Kauai.

The evidence for an Egyptian presence is even stronger in New Guinea, where the Egyptians may have had a gold-mining colony. Other ancient cultures also frequented New Guinea, where Sumerian beads and bronze weapons have been found by Australian archeologists. Further, there seems to have been a thriving market in the Middle East for bird-of-paradise skins, which could only have come from New Guinea.

(Knudsen, Ruth; "Egyptian Signs in the Hawaiian Islands," Epigraphic Society, Occasional Publications, 12:190, 1984.)

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