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Ancient old-world lamps turn up in new england

In 1980, at a Boston antique fair, a Greek lamp, probably dating from the Sixth Century B.C. turned up. The antique dealer stated that the lamp had been dug up at an Indian site in Manchester, NH.

(Totten, Norman; "Late Archaic Greek Lamp Excavated at Amoskeag Falls," Early Sites Research Society, Bulletin, 10:25, no. 2, 1983.)

In 1952, a Byzantine oil lamp was found in the Clintin, CT, harbor shell-midden after plowing. The finder described it as an Indian pipe, but it is actually typical of the Mediterranean area circa 750-800 A.D.

(Whittall. James P., II; "Byzantine Oil Lamp from Connecticut," Early Sites Research Society, Bulletin, 10:26, no. 2, 1983.)

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