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Light Flashes Overhead

January 23, 1984. Salonta, Romania.

"During the whole day we experienced snow which finally stopped at 23h 00m. The temperature was l�C, when I experienced a few pale flashings from the top of the sky. The lights were seen from 18h 15m to l8h 30m, Universal Time. Their number was four, and they appeared with equal intensity with pauses in between, each pause lasting for 3-5 minutes. All were white in color. At l8h 3lm, a new flashing was seen; this was the fifth flash in the series, and it had higher intensity than the previous ones. I have not been able to discover the source of these strange lights. Each flashing was very short-lived, lasting less than a second."

The observer in Salonta was Attila KosaKiss.

(Hedervari, Peter; "Further Observations of Atmospheric Light Phenomena of Unknown Origin," personal communication, February 15, 1984.)

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