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Lake Tele is a shallow, oval lake about 4 by 5 kilometers in the People's Republic of the Congo. Swamp forest reaches to the very edge of the water. From this difficult-to-reach body of water, almost right on the equator, come reports of a large unidentified animal -- Mokele-Mbembe. In 1983, Marcelin Agnagna, a biologist, led an expedition to Lake Tele in hopes of observing MokeleMbembe. The expedition was successful, but we don't know too much more than we did before. Agnagna and others ob-served the animal from a distance of about 240 meters. Unfortunately no photos were taken. Mokele-Mbembe appeared as shown in the accompanying sketch. What is it?

(Agnagna, Marcelin; "Results of the First Congolese Mokele-Mbembe Expedition," Cryptozoology, 2:103, 1983.)

Comment. Vague rumors have long floated abound that dinosaurs survive in deepest Africa! Maybe they are true.

Animal seen in Lake Tele that may be the Mokele-Mbembe Sketch of a large animal seen in Lake Tele that may be the famous Mokele-Mbembe.

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