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California Sea Serpent Flap

During October and November 1983, several sightings of a dark, eel-like creature came from the California coast. (Stinson Beach, north of San Francisco, and Costa Mesa). Three humps (just like in the classic sea serpents on old maps) followed a small head, which rose above the surface to look around. Many individuals saw the serpent, some with binoculars. At Stinson Beach, the animals was followed by about 100 birds and two dozen sea lions.

(Anonymous; "'Sea Serpents' Seen off California Coast," International Society of Cryptozoology Newsletter, 2:9, Winter 1983.)

Comment. Of the vertebrates, only mammals are built so that they can easily flex vertically.

Reference. We catalog mammalian "sea serpents" under BMU in Biological Anomalies: Mammals II. For more information on this book, visit: here.

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