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No. 31: Jan-Feb 1984

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At last: someone who can predict the future!

Most psychics claiming to know what's ahead down the road of time draw up rather long lists of predicted events. They may score a hit or so, but their records are generally very poor. The present article records the astounding performance of Emory Royce, a New Zealander. "The whole thing is preposterous," says Richard Kammann, the author and noted skeptic. Royce made four predictions, and four only, on a radio talk show. Some of the predictions were a bit vague on details, but the overall outcome was unbelievable: all four events occurred! The predictions were Brezhnev's death (very close timewise); naval disaster in the Falklands (prediction made well before the surprise invasion by Argentina); a New Zealand political scandal; and the completely unexpected cancellation of a New Zealand aluminum factory.

(Kammann, Richard; "Uncanny Prophecies in New Zealand: An Unexplained Scientific Anomaly," Zetetic Scholar, no. 11, p. 15, August 1983.)

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