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A Weak Missing Link

Evolutionists have always pointed to the Archaeopteryx as a most convincing missing link between the reptiles and birds. The modern study of some really excellent fossil specimens of Archaeopteryx have clouded this issue. The feathers of Archaeopteryx, as preserved in fine limestone, are found to be asymmetrical as required for efficient flight. (Flightless birds have symmetric feathers) The skull is more birdlike than previously thought. In fact, some aspects of Archaeopteryx are like those in "advanced" birds; others are "primitive" There are now three strongly held views among scientists: Archaeopteryx is related to:

(1) crocodiles; (2) theropod dinosaurs; and (3) thecodontians (other reptiles).

(Benton, Michael J.; "No Consensus on Archaeopteryx," Nature, 305:99, 1983.)

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