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Ogham inscriptions in west virginia?

Several petroglyphs in Wyoming and Boone counties, West Virginia, long-identified as random Indian doodling with little message content, may actually be Celtic Ogham writing. Translations of the petroglyphs reveal several Christian messages, as in the segment illustrated below. Based upon the style of the Ogham, these petroglyphs may have been chiseled some time between the early Sixth and late Eighth centuries. The Ogham writers may have been Irish monks who, after the fashion of St. Brendan, sailed west from Europe during this period.

(Pyle, Robert L.; "A Message from the Past," p. 3. Gallagher, Ida Jane; " Light Dawns on West Virginia History," p. 7. Fell, Barry; "Christian Messages in Old Irish Script Deciphered from Rock Carvings in W. Va.," p. 12. All three articles appeared in: Wonderful West Virginia, vol. 47, March 1983.)

Comment. Wonderful West Virginia is obviously not a science journal. Pyle is identified as an archeologist. The articles include many excellent color photographs of the inscriptions, so their reality can hardly be doubted.

Reference. Our Handbook Ancient Man covers enigmatic ancient inscriptions in great detail. To order, see: here.

Ogham inscription from West Virginia Translation: "The season of the blessed advent of the Savior, Lord Christ (Salvatoris Domini Christi)"

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