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Earthquake And Subterranean Fire

1738. Month and day are unknown. Pecs, 46� 06' N, 18� 15' E.I = 7.5 - 8�.

A very mysterious event was observed. Near Pecs, a black cliff named Szennyes (=dirty or filthy) belched forth fire during three days, accompanied by an earthquake that was strongly felt in the town of Pecs. After this shock fires were also seen on many occasions from the cliff. Naturally it was not a volcanic manifestation. The nature of this particular event is perfectly obscure.

(Note by the author, P.H. "An earthquake light is improbable because of the long time during which the phenomenon was see."

(Hedervari, Peter; "Unusual Phenomena Associated with Earthquakes within the Carpathian Basins," Compilation from personal files, 1983.)

Comment. Compare this phenomenon with the detonations and flashes from Old Hannah's Cave, Staffordshire, England, as reported in SF#22.

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