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A Mysterious Copy Of The Grave Creek Stone

The so-called Morristown Tablet was apparently discovered near Morristown, Tennessee. A symbol-by-symbol comparison with the famous Grave Creek Stone reveals that both are inscribed with the same message, probably in a Semetic language. Barry Fell renders the message thus:

"Tumulus in honor of Tadach. His wife caused this engraved tile to be inscribed."

Why would anyone wish to make a second copy of such a message? The Grave Creek Stone was associated with a burial in West Virginia. Could there have been two Tadachs? Are either or both hoaxes?

(Buchanan, Donal; "Report on the Morristown Tablet," Early Sites Research Society, Bulletin, 10:22, no. 1, 1982.)

Comment. The real anomaly, assuming authenticity, is the presence of Semetic inscriptions in ancient American graves.

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The Grave Creek Stone The Grave Creek Stone

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