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No. 24: Nov-Dec 1982

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Islands Of Hope For Life Eternal

Frautschi examines expanding "causal" regions in the universe, where entropy (disorder) does not increase as fast as the maximum predicted by Thermodynamics. The conclusion of this highly theoretical paper is that, even in these "islands of hope," life and the order it requires cannot survive indefinitely if it is restricted to solid substances. But,

"...it stands as a challenge for the future to find dematerialized modes of organization (based on dust clouds or an e- e+ plasma?) capable of self-replication. If radiant energy production continues without limit, there remains hope that life capable of using it forever can be created."

(Frautschi, Steven; "Entropy in an Expanding Universe," Science, 217:593, 1982.)

Comment. Who said Science was a conservative journal? This smacks of scifi tales of electrolife and Hoyle's Black Cloud.

From Science Frontiers #24, NOV-DEC 1982. 1982-2000 William R. Corliss