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No. 24: Nov-Dec 1982

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The Calico Site Revisited

The following abstract deals with the purported crude stone tools found at the controversial Calico site in California.

"Continuation of the Calico investigation, both in the field and laboratory, has conclusively established the presence of Early Man, through the demonstration of numerous tools in several categories, as proven by a number of significant traits or attributes familiar to archaeologists. Microscopic examination reveals use-wear patterns. Uranium-thorium tests yield a date of 200,000 20,000 years for the artifacts."

(Simpson, Ruth D.; "Updating the Early Man Calico Site, California," Anthropological Journal of Canada, 20:8, no. 2, 1982.)

Comment. Evidence or no evidence, the archeological community is not yet ready to believe 200,000 years!

Reference. For more on Calico and other purported sites of ancient humans, see our Handbook: Ancient Man, which is described here.

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