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Chessie Captured On Videotape

May 31, 1982. Kent Island, Maryland.

Robert Frew was enjoying a holiday meal with family and friends at his home on Love Point, overlooking Chesapeake Bay, when a large object was seen moving against the tide about 100 feet offshore. Inspection through binoculars revealed a sinuous, humped creature, over 20 feet long, swimming lazily along. As others watched, Frew popped a videotape into his camera and shot a remarkable three minute documentary, which was aired later on TV. Witnesses estimated the creature's length at about 30 feet; width, about 10 inches. Two other recent sightings of "Chessie" occurred in September 1980 at the other end of Kent Island, and in July 1978 near Heathsville, Virginia.

(Robinson, Russ; "Chessie May Have Made Video Debut," Baltimore Sun, July 11, 1982.)

"Chessie" according to Frew'Chessie' according to Frew

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