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"The remains of 16 hardened mud structures recently discovered in the mountains northwest of Denver may prove to be the oldest-known buildings in North America. Found during construction of a pipeline, the remains are 4,000 to 7,000 years old, compared with 4,700 years for the oldest Egyptian pyramid."

Mud structures such as these usually disintegrate in a few hundred years, but these were fire-hardened. Because they appear to be permanent buildings, the current belief that the American Indians of this period were simple, nomadic hunter-gatherers may have to be reexamined.

(Anonymous; Science Digest, 90:22, August 1982. Attributed to the Christian Science Monitor.)

Comment. The Rocky Mountain area also boasts enigmatic stone structures and graphic material attributed by some to ancient European, Asian, and African voyagers. See our Handbook: Ancient Man. For a description of this book, go to: here.

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