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Fatal flaw in pole-flipping theory

V. Slabinski of the Communications Satellite Corporation claims that there are three separate errors in P. Warlow's theoretical analysis of terrestrial pole-flipping due to the gravitational torques created by a passing celestial body. With these errors corrected, the earth is 200 times less sensitive to pole-flipping. Slabinski does not believe that any known solar system object could turn the earth end-for-end if it passed by. This item proclaims that the discovery of Warlow's errors is a serious blow to Velikovskian catastrophism.

(Anonymous; "Fatal Flaw in Pole-Flipping Theory," New Scientist, 92:433, 1981.)

Comment. We shall now wait for a rebuttal by Warlow and/or the Velikovskians. The flipping torques depend, of course, upon the mass and distance of the perturbing body. Whatever the outcome, the reality of astronomical and terrestrial catastrophism depends upon terrestrial geology, the testimony of history and myth, and other sources.

Update. Over a decade has passed and no rebuttal by Warlow has been seen. We must, therefore, consider his hypothesis highly questionable.

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