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Offshore Booms Are Still With Us

Although they don't get the publicity they did a few years ago, powerful booms still rock the U.S. East Coast and elsewhere. A recent example occurred on June 24, 1981, when the coastline of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia was hit by a house-shaking boom. No supersonic jets were in the area, seismographs recorded no earthquake, and no man-made explosions had occurred, according to a careful check.

(Phillips, Jim; "What on Earth Was That? No One Knows: Theories Fizzle Out on the Upstate's Mysterious 'Big Bang,'" Greenville, SC, News, June 25, 1981.)

Comment. The East Coast booms attract ed national attention in the late 1970s. Despite several government-sponsored investigations, there was no consensus of scientific opinion. The booms remain anomalies. We catalog these in GSD1 in Earthquakes, Tides. This book is described at: here.

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