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A Bump In The Cosmic Background

The accepted explanation of the microwave cosmic background is that it is the "echo" of the Big Bang that created the cosmos as we now know it. Ideally, this background radiation should be uniform in all directions and follow the intensity curve of a black body radiating at 2.7�K. Spatial anomalies have already been reported, and now an embarrassing bump has been found on the intensity curve at 0.5-1.0 millimeters wavelength. No explanation for this departure from the black body curve has been provided except to say that the Big Bang deviated from the perfect uniformity.

(Anonymous; "Cosmic Background Not So Perfect," New Scientist, 92:23, 1981.)

Reference. Anomalies associated with the cosmic background radiation are cataloged under ATF1 and ATF2 in Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos. For details on the book, go to: here.

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