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A Stone Face From Ungava

September 1976. Lac Guerard, Ungava, Canada. A stone face was found on the lake shore by caribou hunters. The back of the sculpture was covered with moss and stained underneath with age; the front was well-weathered. It was a crude sandstone carving -- almost a doodle in stone -- but the facial features were unmistakably Norse. Stylistically, the face resembled nothing carved by Eskimos or the local Indians. The apparent antiquity of the stone and the strongly Nordic features suggest past Norse exploration of this desolate tundra near Hudson Bay.

(Lee, Thomas E.; "Who Is This Man?" Archaeological Journal of Canada, 17: 45, 1979.)

Comment. Once into Hudson Bay, why not on to Minnesota (and the Kensington Stone), then down the Mississippi to Oklahoma where Viking signs are claimed?

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