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More Milky Seas Seen

August 4, 1977. Indian Ocean. The s.s. British Renown enetered a large area of milky sea. The intensity of light was so great that the deck appeared to be just a dark shadow. During the display, humidity seemed to increase and the radio operator reported a decrease in signal strengths at HF and MF frequencies.

September 6, 1977. Indian Ocean. An area of bioluminescence resembling white sea fog was spotted near the m.v. Wild Curlew. Entering the area, the milky light seemed to hover above the sea's surface. So strong was the light that the clouds above were illuminated.

(Anonymous; "Bioluminescence," Marine Observer, 48:118, 1978.)

Reference. Section GLW9 in our Catalog: Lightning, Auroras collects many more observations of milky seas. For more information on this book, visit: here.

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