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Fire-walking: anyone can do it

San Pedro Manrique, Spain, 1969, the annual fire-walking ceremony. Arriving too late for the official ceremony, the author and his friends find a bed of coals too hot to stand near. Two members of a French TV crew remaining behind walk across the coals with no adverse effects. A Spanish companion does, too. Thus encouraged, the American takes off his shoes. He is advised:

  1. Make sure your feet are brushed free of grass and twigs;
  2. Place your feet firmly and with force; and
  3. Never hesitate, keep moving.

The author walked across the coals without the slightest hint of burning. It was, he states, a "spiritual experience!"

(McElroy, John Harmon; "Fire-Walking," Folklore, 89:113, 1978.)

From Science Frontiers #5, November 1978. � 1978-2000 William R. Corliss