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How ancient is vermont?

The present article from the British journal Antiquity is obviously an Establishment reaction to the books Ancient Vermont and The Search for Lost America. Two aspects of this "problem" are discussed in the article:

  1. The supposed Ogam writing discovered in New England, and
  2. The many peculiar stone structures in the same region.

A. Ross and P. Reynolds have examined the purported Ogam inscriptions first-hand and are emphatic that are not of Celtic origin, although they are probably deliberately inscribed in many instances.

On the other hand, the strange stone structures in New England, particularly Vermont, do bear some resemblance to megalithic remains in Europe. The authors are not as anxious to pass these off as Colonial root cellars as are their American allies in the Establishment. Ross and Reynolds suggest that much more work needs to be done here before the purposes of these chambers and standing stones can be determined.

(Ross, Ann, and Reynolds, Peter; "Ancient Vermont," Antiquity, 52:100, 1978.)

Reference. Several of these enigmatic New England chambers are detailed in our Handbook: Ancient Man. See a description of this Handbook at: here.

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