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South Of The Bermuda Triangle

On August 4, 1944, the 85-foot staysail schooner Island Queen departed Grenada bound for St. Vincent, carrying 75 passengers to a wedding. The black-hulled Providence Mark accompanied the Island Queen, and a friendly rivalry kept them neck and neck, often only a half mile apart.

Off the western tip of Carriacou, a light, windless rain belt passed overhead. Observers aboard the Providence Mark saw the Island Queen enter a rain shower ahead of them. When the Providence Mark emerged from the shower, the Island Queen was nowhere to be seen. Thinking the Island Queen's more powerful motor had enabled it to pull far ahead, the Providence Mark captain figured he had lost the race. When he arrived at St. Vincent at 2350, the Is land Queen was not there. In fact, a thorough search by the U.S. and British navies never found any trace of the ship or its 75 passengers.

(Anonymous; "The Riddle of the 'Island Queen!'" Nautical Magazine, 219:26, 1978.)

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