Photocopied Classic Books

Some important old books from the anomaly literature have been photocopied and bound in heavy, printed covers. Format: 8.5" x 11. Order by author.

Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley

E.G. Squier and E.H. Davis, 376 pp., 1848, $29.95p One of the most remarkable archeological books ever published in America! Its appearance in 1848 created a great sensation. For, as America moved west, the remnants of the great civilization of the Moundbuilders raised much speculation. Even today we marvel at their immense, flat-topped temple mounds, the huge earthen enclosures, and the meticu# lously wrought artifacts of copper, mica, and clay. Squier and Davis objectively described the features of this New World civilization in words and drawings. It is the drawings, though, that really capture the reader. They are superb, almost overwhelming.

Rude Stone Monuments in all Countries: Their Age and Uses

J. Fergusson, 1872, 578 pp., $26.95p Fergusson's famous compilation of worldwide megalithic monuments is a fit complement to our photocopied edition of Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley, from 1848. Fergusson has filled his book with 233 line drawings of artifacts from the megalithic period. The emphasis is on the massive monuments, but you'll also see some sketches of pottery and inscribed stones. Naturally, there are long chapters on the British Isles, Ireland, and Europe; but the author also demonstrates how the megalithic culture extended into North Africa, the Middle East, and India. It is a pleasure to page through this old classic and read how our parents' parents interpreted these edifices.

Aboriginal Monuments of the State of New York

E.G. Squier, 1849, 193 pp., $18.95p `With the help of 72 figures and 14 large plates, Squier details the abundant aboriginal works found in New York and elsewhere. Included are chapters on mounds and other earthworks as well as implements and ornaments. The long appendix leaves New York and delves into the fortifications of the ancient Mexicans and Peruvians, the aboriginal use of copper, and some ancient works found in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Aboriginal Remains of Tennessee

J.. Jones, 1880, 176 pp., $18.95p A comprehensive study-in-depth of the legacy of the Tennessee aborigines, with 85 excellent illustrations and index. Topics include: burial caves (as seen by their discoverers), pyramidal and conical mounds, fortifications, earthworks, the famous Stone Fort, and a wide variety of artifacts. Jones also studied the so-called pigmy graves and tiny stone coffins.

Legendary Islands of the Atlantic

W. H. Babcock, 196 pp., 1922, $14.95p The title of this book immediately conjures up thoughts of Atlantis; but many other Atlantic islands were once thought to exist, were placed on maps, and then disappeared. The island of Brazil (or Hy Brazil) is one of these phantom islands. Babcock has written an engrossing, scholarly treatise, with many old maps, and hints of pre-Columbian contacts with the New World. Here follow some chapter titles: Atlantis; The Island of the Seven Cities; The Problem of Mayda; *Estotiland and the Other Islands of Zeno; The Sunken Land of Buss and Other Phantom Islands.

The Mammoth and the Flood: An Attempt to Confront the Theory of Uniformity with the Facts of Recent Geology

H.H. Howorth, 1887, 498 pp., $23.50p Sir Henry Howorth was one of the great synthesizers of science in the late 1800s. In this book, he brought together all of the available evidence on recent catastrophic flooding on the earth: the bone caves, the Siberian mammoth carcasses, the masses of fresh moa bones in Australia, and host of other geological and biological puzzles. Most of Howorth's attention, however, is focussed on the mammoths and their recent demise. This book is one of the classics of catastrophe literature.

Evolutionary Geology and the New Catastrophism

G.M. Price, 1926, 352 pp., $18.95p Price was an early catastrophist at a time when uniformitarianism ruled with an iron fist. He systematically and rationally presented some of geology's major anomalies---particularly in stratigraphy. Chapter titles include: eThe Modern Onion-Coat Theory; *"Deceptive Conformity"; *Upside Down; eExtinct Species; *Skipping; eGraveyards; oDegeneration; *Fossil Men. Price was a creationist, but his book is devoid of theology.

The Aerial World

G. Hartwig, 1886, 560 pp., $26.95p Iven though this title is over a century old, it is still a pleasure to read. Its 37 chapters touch on just about every facet of weather and geophysics known: *The echo; oWaterspouts; *The Rainbow; *The thunderstorm; *St. Elmo's fire; and even flying machines, such as they were in 1886! There are hundreds of anecdotes and descriptions of curious phenomena, such as: eRemarkable echoes in Siberia; *Luminous dust; *Elf Candles; eThe 1838 Spout of Calcutta, and *Moon blindness. It is a classic collection of geophysical anomalies and curiosities.