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Pyramid stones not "cementitious"

In SF#119, we followed the item on artificial basalt with a comment about J. Davidovits' claim that the stone blocks of the Giza pyramids are actually made from a limey cement and poured on-site. No long-distance hauling and lifting into place required! We have since found (serendipitously) an authoritative refutation of Davidovits' claim.

K.D. Ingram et al analyzed stone samples from the Giza pyramids using scanning electron microscopy, electron diffraction by X-rays, powder X-ray diffraction, inductive coupled plasmography, Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, and other techniques. Their conclusion:

"...the pyramids are made of limestone and are not cementitious in nature."

(Ingram, Kevin D., et al; "The Pyramids -- Cement or Stone?" Journal of Archaeo logical Science, 20:681, 1993.)

From Science Frontiers #120, NOV-DEC 1998. 1998-2000 William R. Corliss