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Fiber Fall

March 12, 1993, South Pacific Ocean, aboard the m.v. Alam Selamat.

At 0630, as a frontal system passed the vessel, there was a sudden rain shower lasting about 25 minutes. Captain J.N. Gowrie reported:

"As the rain began to dry on the warm decks, we noticed patches of what first looked like slime but after it had dried appeared to be wool or cotton. We send you a sample of the material and the facsimile chart of the relevant surface analysis, showing my additions of ship's position at the time as 41 43'S, 167 40'W, course 100, speed 13 knots."

(Gowrie, J.N.; "Raining -- Sheep?" Marine Observer, 63:199, 1993. This journal may be ordered from: The Stationery Publications Centre, P.O. Box 276, London, SW8 5DT, ENGLAND)

Comment. Incomprehensible as it may seem, there really are falls of slime, jelly-like globs (pwdre ser), and "angel hair!" See GWP in our catalog Tornados, Dark Days. To order visit here.

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