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A True Fish Story

"It happened during a smelt storm in early spring with the Rhonda K foundering dead in the icy water amid terrifying six- and eight-foot waves off Lake Huron's Thunder Bay light near Alpena."

Wait a minute! A SMELT STORM?

"'Spookiest thing I even saw,' Stiles said of the small fish carried from the water by the winds. 'Something I never heard of before. Smelt started falling from the sky. Thousands of smelt falling like a silver rain, and thousands of gulls going after them. The gulls were all around our heads picking up the smelt.'"

(Barton, John; "A True Fish Story," Ann Arbor News, July 24, 1986. Cr. C.R. Engholm.)

From Science Frontiers #47, SEP-OCT 1986. 1986-2000 William R. Corliss