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It's easier to hypnotize right-handers

Successful hypnotic induction requires that the subject focus intently upon the hypnotist. Subjects with left-brain dominance (right-handers) are usually able to concentrate their attention better than right-brain people. They therefore enter the trace state more readily. However, once hypnotized, the left-brain-dominated subjects shift into the right-brain mode. It seems that the hypnotic state, with its dream-like quality, altered time sense, etc., is associated with the right brain. Lefthanders, who are always in the right-brain mode, possess 'broadened attention' and resist hypnotic induction more than right-handers.

(Grist, Liz; "Hypnosis Relies on Left-Brain Dominance," New Scientist, 36, August 2, 1984.)

Comment. As if to balance things out, Nature has apparently made left-handers more talented in the arts and other endeavors. In any case, only trends are involved here; exceptions are everywhere.

From Science Frontiers #39, MAY-JUN 1985. 1985-2000 William R. Corliss