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The Marfa Lights

Circa 1974. Marfa, Texas.

"About 10 years ago, Mr. Whatley was driving home a little before dawn from his night job as a computer operator when he saw what he thought were car lights speeding toward him on a road east of town. The next thing he knew, he says, a cantaloupe-sized globe of orange-red light appeared and hovered a few feet outside the rolled-down window of his pickup."

Understandably, Whatley hit the accelerator, but the light stayed with him for about two miles and then disappeared. Several other incidents are recounted in this article.

(Stipp, David; "Marfa, Texas, Finds a Flickering Fame in Mystery Lights," Wall Street Journal, March 21, 1984.)

Comment. What a strange place to find an article on ghost lights!

Reference. The Marfa Lights are typical nocturnal lights. More of these are cataloged in section GLN1 of Lightning. Auroras. For more on this Catalog volume, visit: here.

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