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The Most Identical Of Identical Twins

In SF#11, under the title "United by an Invisible Cord," some very remarkable similarities between identical twins reared apart were recounted. A truly fantastic case has now come to light where identical twins (reared together in this case) behave synchronously. "They do every-thing together, scream or sulk if parted and, most uncannily, talk in unison when under stress, speaking the same words in identical voice patterns that create a weird echo effect." Doctors say that Greta and Freda Chaplin are so close that they seem linked by telepathy. Talking or working, they function in unison. Otherwise, they are of normal intelligence and suffer no mental illness.

(Anonymous; "British Twins Too Close for Trucker's Comfort," Baltimore Sun, December 8, 1980. p. A3. AP dispatch)

Comment. Animals often move in remarkable synchrony; e.g., flocks of wheeling birds, schooling fish, tropical fireflies, etc. What invisible cord links them?

From Science Frontiers #14, Winter 1981. 1981-2000 William R. Corliss