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Ancient Iberian Jars Recovered Off Maine Coast

While skindiving in the Bay of Castine in 1971, Norman Bakeman discovered two peculiar ceramic storage jars in 12 meters of water. These jars were recovered and have since been compared to Portugese "anforetas" used during the Roman period for the storage of wine, oil, honey, etc. A similar anforeta as also been recovered in Jonesboro, Maine. The clay paste and grit of the Maine jars closely resemble those used in Iberia almost 2,000 years ago. The possibility that these containers might be Spanish olive jars circa 1800 is also discussed.

(Whittall, James P., II; "Anforetas Recovered in Maine," Early Sites Research Society, Bulletin, 5:1, 1977.)

Reference. These anforetas and other anomalous artifacts are cataloged in our Handbook: Ancient Man. Book details here.

Ancient Iberian jars

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